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Lenka Dusilová - Solo

This charismatic singer and winner of six Anděl music awards, is a hybrid of many music genres. She is not used to stagnation and repeating herself. She became an extraordinary phenomenon of the Czech music scene, moving from the position of a rock star to peculiar expression, freely receiving impulses from various styles as well as extra musical experiences.

Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika

Lenka´s production is also connected with the band Baromantika, which provides space for creative authorial cooperation, captivating both critics and the wide audience. Baromantika are an indie-pop band based in Prague, founded by Lenka Dusilová , her friends and great musicians The band issued her CD of the same name in 2011. This resulted in an avalanche of great critical reviews and sold-out concerts, selling more than 7000 copies. In 2013 the band released DVD/CD Lenka Dusilová a BAROMANTIKA - Live at Café v lese in cooperation with VICE Czech Rep. and Supraphon. In September 2014, the band bought out a co-author album Lenka Dusilová a BAROMANTIKA - V hodině smrti [At the hour of death], for which she was nominated for Anděl Award in two categories – singer of the year and album of the year.


  • Lenka Dusilová - lead vocal, acoustic guitars, loops
  • Beata Hlavenková – keyboards, vocals
  • Viliam Béreš – keyboards, vocals
  • Patrick Karpentski - electric guitars & bass, vocals
  • Martin Novák – drums, samples, vocals

Theatre & Others

Lenka likes cooperating with other musicians, which indicates guest appearance in a range of albums or concerts. In addition to these acts, there is also a multi-genre project of the formation Spitfire Company and Lenka. The performance One Step Before the Fall, dedicated to Muhammad Ali and all fighters around us, is about fight, exhaustion, symptoms of Parkinson´s disease, and collapse. Music and dance are unconventionally interconnected in a boxing ring. With a dance theatre company awarded with the Herald Angel Award and other prestigious awards in several countries.